Hunting grounds in Municipality of Laktaši are managed by Hunting Association "Kozara" Laktaši, which was established in 1955. The most numerous and most common game of Laktaši hunting grounds are rabbit, pheasant, deer and grey partridges. When it comes to wildlife, wild boar is a transient game and in winter it appears on the slopes of Kozara, Crni vrh and Gumjera.

Thanks to the river Vrbas and its tributaries, there are a lot of wetland bird species of all kinds in our hunting ground, the most common of which is the mallard and wild goose. During the summer, quail, wild pigeon and turtledove are hunted in the lowlands.

In the last few years, there are plenty of predators in the hunting ground, of which the most numerous are the fox, marten, skunk, badger and wolf. The hunting ground is properly marked and there are boards at the main entrances. In the hunting area, 39 feeding areas for hairy game, 9 feeding areas for gamebirds, 276 feeding areas with salt, 19 watering places, three mudholes for wild boars, 39 enclosed tree stands, 69 other stands, three hunting lodges and 18 hunting houses were built.

The hunting of the migratory game by hunters abroad has long been present in our hunting ground, especially when it comes to hunters from Italy.


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